Tax Law
Biscaldi Bueno is a widely recognized law firm in the tax area, not only because of its excellence services delivered in this legal field, but also by its team of qualified, updated consultants and lawyers who display extensive professional experience.

Thus, by means of tax planning strategies, conduct of litigation matters at administrative and judicial levels, as well as the follow-ups of audit procedures by the City, State and Union administrations, Biscaldi Bueno aims to advising its clients by guiding them to the best way to lawfully achieve tax burden reduction possibilities.

The services provided by our tax consulting and advisory team include:

• Corporate planning;
• Tax offsetting arrangements;
• Recovery of taxes;
• Consulting and advice on obtaining tax incentives;
• Tax planning towards tax avoidance in accordance with prevailing rules and legal procedures;
• Consulting and advice on tax installment payment programs at local, state and federal levels;
• Filing of judicial and administrative proceedings;
• Review of tax withholding procedures;
• Tax, social security, administrative and judicial litigation.

Thus, operating at all levels and instances at tax judicial and administrative areas, Biscaldi Bueno is highly qualified to meet the needs of its clients with diligence and dedication, relentlessly seeking satisfactory results, as has already been reached on behalf of current clients through numerous cases formerly adjudged at both administrative and judicial levels.