Biscaldi Bueno is directly involved in preventing both court and out-of-court contingencies to its clients.

Our contract-related advisory services seek to make all contractual and commercial relations of legal entities compliant with all legal tenets, primarily focusing on fulfillment of labor, tax, environmental, trade and market competition requirements.

We prepare, review and provide guidance for legal acts associated with the most diverse subject matters driving modern relationships, including, among others:

• Purchase and sale agreements;
• Bank financing, lease or finance lease (Direct Consumer Credit – CDC) contracts;
• Confidentiality agreement and/or memo;
• Contracts for lease or rental of rural or urban property;
• Public deed;
• Collateral and security agreements;
• Acknowledgment of debts;
• Barter contracts;
• Contract for assignment or encumbrance of real estate;
• Donations;
• Accord and satisfaction agreements;
• Technology transfer agreement;
• Free-lease agreements;
• Proxies;
• Public and/or private powers of attorney for business purposes;
• Establishment of mortgages;
• Incorporation of companies;
• Amendments to articles of incorporation/organization;
• Spinoff and merger processes;
• Business transformation and consolidation;
• Termination of corporate affairs contracts;
• Opening of branches;
• Review and execution of operations concerning purchase of shares, units of interest and assets;
• Corporate planning strategies and family succession affairs;
• Business restructuring;
• Registration of foreign capital;
• Capital repatriation;
• Duediligence review procedures.
• Acquisition of controlling interest;
• Shareholders’ agreement.

Biscaldi Bueno Sociedade de Advogados is primarily concerned with the prevention of risks of litigation with a focus on safeguarding the interests and values of each client, always offering them individualized legal services.