Business Law
Biscaldi Bueno Sociedade de Advogados has all core competencies to advise its clients in the initial and/or pre-negotiation phase of the legal relationship framework to be established until drawing up contracts and/or businesses to meet all the formal legal requirements.This entails performance of the acts required for the business, including risk assessment of the relationship, e.g. clauses governing financial and nonfinancial default, succession, withdrawal, and novation and extinction of obligations, always mitigating and/or extinguishing them.

Our work at the various different branches of law such as civil, tax, labor, corporate, intellectual property, customs, administrative and criminal business affairs allows us to provide our clients with a global view of their business, putting them in strict compliance with the comprehensive Brazilian legislation.

The firm also relies on a department specialized in financial asset management, which involves: analysis, implementation and follow-up of processes related to consolidation, merger, asset recovery through court or out-of-court collection of notes receivable, merger of financial assets, financial transactions in Brazil and abroad, to have the relevant operations duly compliant with the rules and regulations established by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen), and also to initiate possessory actions and actions for damages with most varied jurisdictions.
Biscaldi Bueno is qualified to advise its clients in Joint Venture processes, acting on behalf of large, medium-sized and small businesses.

Our advisory services are delivered nationwide, targeting the needs of each client according to the best activity area to be focused, which comprise:

• Raw material
• Capital
• Technology
• Distribution channels
• Sales
• Market Knowledge - Know-how

Worth of notice that for small or medium businesses (SMBs), a Joint Venture represents an opportunity for companies to act together, overcoming barriers, whether commercial in nature as a new market entrant, or to compete more effectively in today’s market. This is why we often resort to Joint Ventures to reach foreign markets, which require significant investments and specific know-how about the target country.

Our law firm further offers customized service to clients who have significant number of lawsuits brought against them in different areas of law, especially of tax nature, the claims of which demand greater responsibilities.

Our firm is particularly focused on providing individualized quality service, always seeking effective control of the client’s interests in an environment of absolute secrecy. This encompasses due identification of all particulars involved in the client’s court and/or out-of-court claims to put up defenses, for instance, premised on statutes of limitation, and also the conduct of negotiations resulting in significantly reduced payables.

Biscaldi Bueno always puts venture, alliance and strategy together.