Criminal Business Law
Biscaldi Bueno is directly engaged in preventing court and out-of-court contingencies related to its clients.

With a view to ensuring compliance of all contractual and commercial relations underlying legal entities with the legal tenets, and the relevant labor, tax, social security, trade, environmental, competition and asset protection aspects, Biscaldi Bueno analyzes all controversial matters that may be subject of disputes, contractual review or execution.

The primary purpose thereof is to minimize existenceof litigation while providing inputs for a fair negotiation, when required.

In the wake of its business law expertise and competencies, Biscaldi Bueno not only provides its clients with all the arrangements for the incorporation of legal entities, which involve, among others, drawing up articles of organization, management and tax planning strategies and negotiations, but also operates in the interests of its clients and their legal representatives when necessary, at criminal level, namely:

• Guidance related to and legal opinions on corporate crimes;
• Crimes involving use of subcontractors;
• Unfair competition;
• Work accidents;
• Crimes against the environment;
• Crimes against consumer relations;
• Violation of copyright laws and trademarks and patents;
• Tax evasion charges; and
• Defense in police investigations and criminal prosecutions.

Biscaldi Bueno is able to provide its clients with all operational organization and structure, using the best technique for a favorable outcome at both court and out-of-court levels.